Wedding Ceremony Ideas For Secular Couple

Wedding ceremony ideas is indeed more about religious vows taking, but for those who are taking interfaith marriage, or secular marriage, there is no reason to skip the wedding ceremony. Modify the wedding ceremony and see how amazing it will be for you and your family.

The Funny Video In Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The wedding ceremony can be full of laugh and smile with some fun from the old recording moment of the two lovers being played again on the screen. The bride maids can have the chance to make a collage of their funny and cute moments, recording wishes from family and friends, and even from far away relatives who couldn’t make it to the wedding. It will wet your eyes, we guarantee!

Read The First Love Letter in Wedding Ceremony

Some romantic couples are writing love letters to keep the memory of their first impression of each other. How the guy first time see the girl and how the girl felt when the guy asked her out first time. How was their first date and how they feel to each other before becoming one. Exchange it between the two and read it in the ceremony and remember the rushing memory coming back.