Wedding Card Box, A Little Thing To Remind

Wedding card box is a little yet important thing in wedding ceremony. This card box does not have to be expensive but must suit your wedding theme. For example, if you decide to have ordinary wedding ceremony, then the card box would be better in simple white. the card box can have some decorations such as ribbon or white flowers. Here are some ideas you can try to make your own box.

Making Wedding Card Box Considering Wedding Theme

As said above, the card box must relate with wedding theme. If your wedding theme is rustic, you can use old medium box and decor it yourself. One easy way to decor it is to open the box up, and then put a note saying it is card box for wedding on top so the note is flying. Put some flowers around to make things brighter. Another idea for rustic card box is using small kit.

How To Decor Card Box For Wedding

A lot of people prefer to make their own card box for wedding. If you are looking for some decoration ideas, you can use old photos and stick it on each side. This will simply remind you of what you have been through together ‘till you both standing on the altar.