Unlock Your Creativity And Create Your Own Wedding Gifts For Bride

Wedding gifts for bride can be in any form. It does not have to be expensive. in fact, a handmade wedding gifts usually bring more emotions to those who receive it, especially the bride. If you know the bride for a long time, making your own gifts is not a mistake at all. Here are some ideas you can give a shot.

Making Wedding Gifts For Bride In Ease

Picture frame is the most easy thing to do. if putting picture in frame sounds too easy, you can make your own frame. Some stuffs you need to prepare are white paper, 3 black small stones, 1 white ribbon, tape, brush, and water color. Put 3 black small stones in vertical form, stick them with tape. After that, put the ribbon, make it looks like wedding dress and facing the black stones. Next, paint face of bride and groom. You can decor the rest with your own creativity and maybe adding some letters. Frame it up and it is done.

Another Idea Of Easy Wedding Gifts

Another idea to be given as wedding gifts can be a box with couple’s name on it. this is pretty simple and a box can be used to place anything. How is it? pretty simple to find wedding gifts, is not it.