Unique Wedding Cake Topper Which is Easy to Make

Unique wedding cake toppers become one of the wedding ceremony materials which can not be forgotten in the wedding planning list. The wedding cake toppers, which is usually situated in the top of the wedding cake, is one of the thing to live up the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. Of course that means the wedding cake toppers have to be matched with the theme of your wedding.

A Fact About Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unfortunately, the saddest arrangement in wedding cake toppers is that this thing is not cheap. Some is coming in the price of the wedding cake, but others is coming by itself, too. For that, there is only one solution for you who want to have the cheapest wedding cake toppers. What are they? Make your own wedding cake toppers.

A Fact About A Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cake Toppers

A handcrafted wedding cake toppers will really cut some budget in your wedding day. It is customizable as it can fit to the color and the theme of your wedding. You just have to dig around some ideas that you can present as your own cake toppers. Flowers are allowed, figurines are recommended, too. As long as the price is still in your range of budget, you can do what you want. Be creative and make your own!