Lovely Wedding Tiaras, Headpieces and Headbands Idea

Wedding Tiaras, headpieces and headbands are one if the lovely accessories of the bride appearance in the wedding day. Indeed some of the brides are having enough accessories in their dress so they simple bun will do the best appearance, but some simple dress will have the looks with a little “Something Old and Something […]

Adorable Wedding Cake Designs In Thematic Wedding

Wedding cake designs are, surely, one of the things that will be running around the brides head when they finally say “yes” to the proposal. How would the cake looks like, what color will it be, do you prefer the vanilla or chocolate cake, or is the decoration should be flowery or sleek? Before you […]

Looking Elegant and Stunning In Expensive Wedding Dresses

Expensive wedding dresses are your elegant and royal way to wear when you show up as a bride. There is no doubt that the guests eyes will stare at you. There are a lot models of this wedding dresses. Starts from the sparkling one ‘till the waving one. let’s get yours and be stunning in […]

Summer Wedding Dresses, Simple Dresses Cover In Beauty

Summer wedding dresses generally look simple, easy, yet beautiful. The summer vibes it brings always remind you of joy, happiness, and good memories. Because of that, if you are looking for the best season to celebrate wedding, summer is a good choice. Not only the sunlight it has, but also the ease either wedding decoration, […]

Now Not Only Chinese Can Wear Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese wedding dress is one of your option to look different in your wedding day. Surely, this kind of wedding dress is perfect if you are chinese or you accidentaly have chinese groom. Makes him happy by dressing in chinese look for your wedding dress. How Common Chinese Wedding Dress Looks When you think of […]

How To Choose Wedding Hair Accessories Depending On Hairstyle

Wedding hair accessories are normally worn by the bride to give final touch. There are many variants of this accessories starts from where it is worn. What material it is made, etc. surely, the accessories have to be matched up with bride’s hairstyle. This can impact where is the best place to wear and what […]

Wedding Card Box, A Little Thing To Remind

Wedding card box is a little yet important thing in wedding ceremony. This card box does not have to be expensive but must suit your wedding theme. For example, if you decide to have ordinary wedding ceremony, then the card box would be better in simple white. the card box can have some decorations such […]