Unique Wedding Dresses Impression and Appearance Choice

Unique wedding dresses are something that can be achieved by using the right color. Most wedding dress is white, ivory or some normal color choice that you can find on any wedding dress catalogue. If you look for colored wedding dress you would find some problem in finding it since it is rare. Wanting to […]

Several Things to Concern with Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding reception ideas are the things that will be so complicated to think about. In concerning about the reception, it is good to have the theme of the wedding firstly. On the other hand, if you want to have a wedding venue which is full of decoration, then a theme should be something that seriously concerned […]

Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns Appearance Effect

Long sleeve wedding gowns is also a unique choice that would add great level of modesty to your wedding dress choice. Those who used to see sleeveless wedding dress and grown accustomed to it would feel this dress choice is quite unique. Long sleeve express an impression of innocence which is extremely great for any […]

Wedding Headpieces Design and Style Aplication

Wedding headpieces is something that has limited number of style and form. To this moment every women would only wear two choice of head piece on their wedding day. The first and most common one is veil. The less common one is hats. Any of both choices can be great for your wedding day appearance […]

Tea Length Wedding Dresses Impression of Simplicity

Tea length wedding dresses is a good choice if you want your wedding to be simple. You would wear a short dress which gives out a girly impression on your wedding day. A casual wedding in form of garden party would be a good place for this dress. The great thing is you still have […]

Purple Wedding Shoes as Popular Trends

Purple wedding shoes are something that you can use to have nice impact of wedding appearance. Such trend is made by some celebrities that use colored shoes on their wedding. The trend doesn’t necessarily topple white shoes to match wedding dress choice. Colored shoes is just additional idea for wedding shoes choice thus the trend […]

Modest Wedding Dresses Choice and Preference

Modest wedding dress is always suitable for shy brides that reluctant to show too much parts of her body. Showing too much skin can be considered disrespectful for wedding ceremony. Some woman has this thought in her head especially if she wants a strictly religious wedding ceremony which is currently quite rare to find. Conservative […]

Low Heel Wedding Shoes For Tall Brides

Low heel wedding shoes is basically very comfortable for the wedding, especially the ceremony which continued by the wedding reception. Why? Simply because it will avoid the bride of getting tired easily on the high heels or worse, stiletto! So we will discuss a little bit about the low heel shoes for wedding. Lovely Low […]