Now Not Only Chinese Can Wear Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese wedding dress is one of your option to look different in your wedding day. Surely, this kind of wedding dress is perfect if you are chinese or you accidentaly have chinese groom. Makes him happy by dressing in chinese look for your wedding dress.

How Common Chinese Wedding Dress Looks

When you think of china, the first color most likely pops is red. Indeed, for the wedding dress itself, it is usually in red. The red one looks so glamour especially with gold, and silver decoration. this decoration is commonly on upper wedding dress when some dresses also has it on skirt. Get yours and look stunning in it.

Wedding Dress Model In Chinese Style

Chinese style generally has short sleeve and the neck is covered. This model is just so chinese. However, there are another models available which is sleeveless or backless. As chinese woman usually tight their hair up, you can do the same. Do not forget to wear hair accessories. This can be red ribbon to chinese crown. Chinese crown is little bit different with falling parts on the front so it is kind of covering your face. This accessories usually in gold and sparkling, worn during royal wedding ceremony by the bride.