Choices of Option For Gothic Wedding Dresses

Gothic wedding dresses take the trend setter of the unusual and thematic wedding gown. From the idea of gothic couple wedding style, the growth of thematic wedding dresses has been raising very rapidly these past few years, for example the wedding dress designers are getting more and more order for old British dresses after the Jane Austen books are sold out everywhere, or the medieval style has been pretty hip after the Lord of the Ring went to the theater. Now we will see the possible style of gothic dresses.

Black Is Not The Only Color For Gothic Wedding Dresses

The most important basic of gothic lovers are mostly the dark color and make up of the bride and groom and also the decoration that will be a little bit spooky. But to be honest, black is not the only color of gothic style. Even though is it true that black is the initial color of it, just like Pink for Valentine, but do you know that gothic can be presented in white and red?

Bloody Mary Gothic Wedding Gown Idea

The white and red is not the colors people would think about when they talk about gothic dresses, so this one might give you hint. The dress is simply made in white just like other wedding gown with long rounded tail. The gothic touch comes from the waist to top which covered in bloody red lace and the edge of the dress tail, it gives the effect of the bride just did a little dirty murdering before the ceremony. White and red can scary you, can’t they?