Silk Wedding Bouquets to Beautify Your Wedding

Silk wedding bouquets become one of the option to the bridal bouquets. As another decoration for the bride, this type of wedding flower is really popular for savvy brides, who is always being really meticulous in the wedding budget. This type of wedding flower is priced not so high. Some people who think that the […]

Several Things to Concern with Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding reception ideas are the things that will be so complicated to think about. In concerning about the reception, it is good to have the theme of the wedding firstly. On the other hand, if you want to have a wedding venue which is full of decoration, then a theme should be something that seriously concerned […]

Wedding Arch Ideas That Won’t Fail Your Day

Wedding arch ideas are all what you need before you go for the further wedding décor preparation. No matter whether you will try to do it yourself or you want to have a pro doing it for you so you can enjoy your time of being Queen, you still need to know what you want […]

Wedding Ceremony Ideas For Secular Couple

Wedding ceremony ideas is indeed more about religious vows taking, but for those who are taking interfaith marriage, or secular marriage, there is no reason to skip the wedding ceremony. Modify the wedding ceremony and see how amazing it will be for you and your family. The Funny Video In Wedding Ceremony Ideas The wedding […]

Adorable Wedding Cake Designs In Thematic Wedding

Wedding cake designs are, surely, one of the things that will be running around the brides head when they finally say “yes” to the proposal. How would the cake looks like, what color will it be, do you prefer the vanilla or chocolate cake, or is the decoration should be flowery or sleek? Before you […]

Wedding Card Box, A Little Thing To Remind

Wedding card box is a little yet important thing in wedding ceremony. This card box does not have to be expensive but must suit your wedding theme. For example, if you decide to have ordinary wedding ceremony, then the card box would be better in simple white. the card box can have some decorations such […]

Tips And Trick About Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding table numbers have to be prepared carefully. Some couple are mistaken to choose a confusing font. Perhaps they just want the table numbers to be classy yet does not consider how hard it would be for the guests to notice. Because of that, here are some tips and tricks to choose table numbers. Choosing […]

Wedding Lanterns for Night Party

Wedding lanterns can be used by you if you held your wedding party at night as well as in the outdoor area. You should know that the additional lanterns in your wedding decoration make your wedding feel so romantic and your guests will not forget your wedding party easily. If you agree want to use […]