Adorable Wedding Cake Designs In Thematic Wedding

Wedding cake designs are, surely, one of the things that will be running around the brides head when they finally say “yes” to the proposal. How would the cake looks like, what color will it be, do you prefer the vanilla or chocolate cake, or is the decoration should be flowery or sleek? Before you get crazy of the thoughts we will give you a little guidance of making up your mind about cake design.

Wedding Cake Designs That Reflects Your Passion

We’ve been seeing the adorable wedding cake all along the way, there are the classic white, the adorable tall fountain cake, the amazing rounded with bow ties and red cherries, but we will give you the first important clue, make the cake reflects your passion! If you and your partner love travelling and enjoy it a lot then why don’t you take it as an idea? The rounded cake with come decoration of postcards, airplane and some decoration of sunny beach that might give a hint of your honeymoon destination!

Wedding Cake Design In Culture Touch

Some people are attached with the culture so it has a lot more to do with it into the wedding, take into consideration, some Mexican would consider bamboo as a lucky charm, or most people will think about clover, maybe some tribes are taking Lily flowers as a lucky charm, and it is not wrong to take some part of it in your wedding cake, as long as your partner is okay with it.